Documenting Coastal India

I now understand how the coast is a gateway to all that a land has to offer. While travelling through 20 destinations during the 16-day journey, the variation in India’s coastal history that I witnessed, every few kilometres, was mesmerising. What was also mesmerising was the difference between the Indian coastal history and the Indian mainland history. While the rulers of the latter are known as ‘invaders’ and ‘conquerors’; the rulers of the coast are better known as ‘traders’ and ‘explorers’. Continue reading Documenting Coastal India

Static Travel

I joined the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (SAICE) in December last year. The amount of knowledge and experiences it provides me, makes up for the very few holidays that they give. We have vacations only from Nov 1 to Dec 14. Forty-four days to fulfil my passion and take out the urge to travel that I have controlled over the past year. A whole lifetime is not enough to travel, but given the limited amount of time, I will try to do as much as I can, without going too fast or missing out on the essence of … Continue reading Static Travel

8 Years from now: GT Road I

I had planned my next driving expedition. I was given an assignment by an adventure travel company to take a trip on the historic Grand Trunk Road to find out anything that the local people on the roadside had to say about the historic road and if they had any stories of their ancestors. I was all set in my Ford F-150 truck that I had modified to create a caravan out of it. The truck was waiting for me at Kabul, Afghanistan and I took a flight to Kabul. I had chalked out the route of the GT Road … Continue reading 8 Years from now: GT Road I

Rajasthan by Public Transport

Public transport teaches you tolerance and how to live with a community while a personal car teaches you a lot more, such as the lives of the local people and how the culture and languages change as you cross certain areas.

If I am given a choice, I would travel with a personal vehicle because I don’t just want to reach somewhere and enjoy the destination, I also want to stop at places in the middle and make the Journey, many destinations. Continue reading Rajasthan by Public Transport